Staying in a B&B in Exchange for goods or services?

At “il Casale il Baronetto” you can spend a totally different holiday - plenty of human contact, exchanges of experience and professionalism, returning to the origins of hospitality and gratitude.

For centuries, a family’s economic wellbeing was dependent on barter.  During hard times, similar to those we are experiencing now, it is a great way to travel at no cost and at the same time, invest in imagination and curiosity.  You can also do without your wallet and forget about the global crisis. The site sparks the imagination of any traveler. The wish list of Il Casale il Baronetto is represented by hard toil and its projects. For a while, you can enjoy meeting and working with new people in an imaginative setting.

Save on the cost of a vacation by embracing the philosophy "not what you have but what you are and what you can do".    


Exchange Help

When we first started this adventure the first thing we noticed was the "Exchange". The people in this community help each other by exchanging favours and jobs.

The neighbour who needed help invited friends to his house, and with so many helping hands, the necessary work was done quickly in cheerful company, leaving more time for getting together for meals and drinks, and talking about the good work done or philosophising about life.

A day's work at the farmhouse “Casale il Baronetto” on-the-spot Exchange", is equivalent to one day’s board and lodging (breakfast and lunch) in the country. The the times and works are in the news area

Our sustainability in detail...

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