Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are ...

For all our traditional dishes, we only use homegrown or locally produced ingredients (0Km).  All our guests are served a unique menu, which is eaten together with our family according to the rules of the Social Eating, and which is varied from day to day.  We also cater for vegetarians or vegan friendly.  If our friends are available, even in the company of good traditional music. Our kitchen is not available to guests, but it is possible for those who wish to do so, to join in our family’s meals, by giving us prior warning and by contributing to the cost.
Sandwiches and picnic baskets can be ordered, buns can be baked in our wood burning oven and fresh eggs are available daily.

At "Casale il Baronetto" we produce and preserve much of what we eat.

The Sustainable vegetable garden, which in future will be synergic, provides us with our seasonal vegetables, and the olive grove, our extra virgin oil

Casale il Baronetto is member of Civiltà Contadina where we have the possibility to find or exchanging ancient seeds in open pollination for our vegetable garden and orchard, as Seed Saver we help to safeguard the biodiversity of our rural world

Everything that we don't eat immediately gets preserved: tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, artichokes, jams ...

Mina’s pasta, bread and healthy homemade liqueurs complement the sustainable "0 metre" meals.
Other goods, for example: wine we either buy from or trade with our farmer-neighbours.
The water we drink comes straight from the source "La Vitella d’Oro" of Farindola (in the National Park of Monti della Laga).
All our products are available to our guests and well preserved, in our cantina.

Our sustainability in detail...

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