At Casale il Baronetto you can do your Your Holiday with your Bike , we are part of the network of Albergabici® of FIAB We are a Bike-Friendly Bed and Breakfst and provide extra services for our cyclists in according to the Certification Amici della Bicicletta If you don't have your bike with you, you can rent up to 4 Mountainbikes


The Electric mobility of "Casale il Baronetto"

“Casale il Baronetto” believes in electric mobility and focuses on an innovative product called bePO, and consists of a complete system for parking and electric bike rental built into a wooden or iron shelter equipped with a photovoltaic system.


The tourism industry has made a leap forward and the demand for this type of holiday is growing. This is possible thanks to the creation and refinement of a new type of vehicle: bicycle pedal assistance, known as PEDELEC.

These are innovative means of transport created as vehicles halfway between bikes and mopeds. By combining the lightness and simplicity of the first with the convenience and speed of the second, it was not long before the PEDELEC played a proper role within the spectrum of sustainable mobility, as displayed by the different types and models, suitable for all mobility needs.

“Casale il Baronetto” will invest in the initial installation in tourist accommodation in Italy, where work is in the start-up phase.

Our sustainability in detail...

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