Resources and Energy


Recycling and differentiation

There are containers for separate waste collection. Organic waste is accumulated and decomposed in the compost bin to produce natural fertilizer used on the garden.



All the electrical energy needed is generated by a photovoltaic port with an output of 6.5 kWp producing about 9,500 kwh annually.

Solar panels

All the hot water needed for showers and cooking is produced by a solar thermal plant covering an area of about 12 m2.

Central Heating

Heat is produced and accumulated by our combined energy system doppio zero. The thermal wood burning stove is fuelled by wood and biomass resulting from the maintenance of the estate’s woods.

The water cycle

All taps are equipped with flow reducers. The rainwater collected and conveyed together with the purified water fito-depuratore is collected in a pond that feeds the garden’s irrigation system.

Cleaning of rooms is done with bio-degradable products.
Original materials were recycled and re-used in the completion of the renovation work.

Our sustainability in detail...